Citromil processes the most important citrus fruits to be found in Spain: lemon, our speciality, mandarin, clementine, orange pink grapefruit and lime. With them, we prepare a wide range of products. The citrus juices and concentrates have always been used in food preparations, especially appreciated for their high content in Vitamin C. Being a natural and healthy product, they are also fit for natural juices, soft-drinks, concentrates, syrups, flavoured waters, yogurts, ice-creams etc. Lemon Juice Concentrate is also a natural means to correct the acidity of a wide range of products.
The typical smell that remains on one’s hands when peeling any citrus fruit, comes from the essential oils contained in the peels upper layer, called flavedo. Our oils keep all this aroma and flavor, and can be used in Food, Fragrance and cosmetics. Our pulps and purés can be used in fruit preparations, yogurts or to create an agreeable mouth-feel in drinks.






Conventional Products

Concentrated Juice Cloudy & Clear

Single Strength Juice Cloudy & Clear

Fruit Cells

Fruit Puree

Fruit Puree

Extract Concentrate Cloudy

Peel Flakes


Essential Oil Cold Pressed

Distilled Oil

Oil Phase Essence (Essence Oil)

Raw/Humid Fibre

Organic Products

Organic Concentrated Juice Cloudy & Clear

Organic Nfc Juice Cloudy & Clear

Organic Fruit Cells

Organic Fruit Puree

Organic Peel Flakes

Organic Essential Oil Cold Pressed

Organic Peel Dehydrated

Organic Peel Dehydrated Powder