• Materias primas cítricos

Our suppliers are without any doubt one of the pillars of our business. Over the years, we have established a very close and stable relation with our suppliers, based on mutual trust. This allows us to guarantee the quality and quantity of fruit, required to comply with our compromises towards our clientes.

Spain is the world’s largest citrus fruit exporter (lemon, orange and mandarine and pink grapefruit). The strength of the fresh fruit export sector is a guarantee for fruit supplies for the processing industry in the future.

  • Lemon & BIO

    Main production area: between Murcia and Alicante.

    • Fino: our winter variety, which represents over 70% of our total volume. It has a smooth and thin skin, and is harvested from Spetember until May.
    • Verna: our summer variety. Its harvest during the warmest months of the year makes it unique worldwide. It has a rough and thick skin, and is harvested from May to August.
  • Orange & BIO

    Main production area from Valencia, over Murcia, Seville, Cordoba to Huelva

    • Naveline: of the Navel group, large slightly oval, no seeds, good juice yield.
      Harvest from November until February
    • Navelate: of the Navel group, Spanish variety, know as the Queen of oranges, round shape,
      High juice content, smooth and sweet . Harvest runs from February to April
    • Lanelate: of the Navel group, no seeds, round shape, high juice content,
      smooth and very sweet, harvest from February until May.
    • Salustiana: of the group Blancas, Spanish variety, medium size fruit, uneven skin, very high juice content.
      Harvest from February until April
    • Valencia: of the group Blancas, late variety, thin peel, very high juice content, very sweet.
      Harvest begins in April and ends in June.
  • Mandarine & BIO

    Main production area: Castellón, Valencia and Seville
    Harvest from September to May.
    Main varieties and harvest period:

    • Clemenrubí – Sep-Oct
    • Marisol – Oct
    • Oronules – Oct
    • Orogrande – Nov-Ene
    • Clemenules – Nov-Ene
    • Clementina Fina – Nov-Ene
    • Clemenvilla – Dic-Ene
    • Fortuna – Feb-Abr
    • Ortanique – Feb-May
  • Kaki – Persimmon & BIO

    Botanical name: Diospyros kaki L : food for the gods.
    Main producition area Southeast Spain.
    Fruit with high carbohidrate content, vitamin A and C, soluble fibres.
    Harvest from October to February.

  • Grapefruit & BIO

    Main production area between Murcia and Alicante provinces.
    Star Ruby is the main variety grown in Spain, with a high juice content and few seeds.
    Harvest starts in December and ends in April.

  • Melon

    Botanical name: Cucumis melo (Galia variety)
    Main production area: Southeast Spain
    Melons contain 90% water, carbohidrates, very little calories and fibre.
    Vitamins: C, A, B1, B2, B3, B6
    Minerals: Potasium, Magnesium, Calcium, ferrum
    Others: Beta-Carotene, antioxidants, etc.
    Harvest: July – August