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Our goal is to always offer our clients a product that meets their highest expectations of quality and competitivity.
To reach this goal, we use only raw materials that comply with the necessary requisits for their transformation, we work with the adequate infrastructures and equipment to guarantee the highest level of hygene and yield, we are a professional and motivated team, that strives to reach the company’s objectives and simultaneaously guarantees our supplier’s activity, we identify with our community, respect our environment and safeguard the best working conditions for our workers.

At Citromil, we are actively implicated with the ecological footprint reduction of our activity. We have implanted the environmental management system according to the international regulations UNE-ISO14001:2015, and we achieve a reduction of our environmental footprint by, among others,

– Accurately managing the dangerous and not dangerous residues.

– Organizing production in such a way as to minimize emissions and waste.

– Complying with all the operative environmental legislation.

– Controlling the resources consumption.

– Analyzing the data and setting environmental goals to reduce, minimize and replace etc. with the alternatives that respect our environment most.

For further information, please contact us at calidad@citromil.net

See our Management System Policy
Citromil has the main internationally recognized quality certificates, as well as Kosher and Halal certificates:
For our range of organic products, we have the following certificates: