Our Comminute is a concentrated product that contains all the insoluble components of the fruit in approximately the original proportions, in the form of a liquid suspension of very finely divided solids.The  material is produced by processing mesocarp and endocarp of freshly picked, sound, naturally matured and clean fruit and is the result of combining the products derived from the physical process of juice extraction: peel, essential oils, pulp and concentrated juice. The product is pasteurized and immediately frozen to ensure its preservation. It contains no artificial sweeteners or other additives.

Standard open top steel drums with double polyethylene bag, 230 liters (net weight 210 kg) or bulk in isothermal tanks. The product can also be supplied in plastic pails (20 liters), jerry-cans (25 liters) or IBC containers (1000 liters) on request.

Lemon Comminute 2:1 (also available 3:1)

*Brix (without correction 20ºC) 14º 18º
Pulp content (%v/v)* 5% 15% Acidity (% anhydrous citric acid) 7% 10%
Recovered oil (%)* 0% Absorbance (650 nm) 5 20
*referred to 8º brix

Comminutes de naranja 4:1

*Brix (uncorrected 20ºC) from 39.5º to 45.5º.
*Brix (corrected 20°C) from 40.0° to 42.3° C
Acidity (% anhydrous citric acid) from 1% to 4%
Pulp content (%v/v)* from 6% to 20% of pulp
Recovered oil (%)* from 0% to 0.80%.
*Referring to 11.2ºBrix