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At Citromil we process the four most important citrus groups that can be found in our country: Lemon, Mandarin, Clementine, Orange and Grapefruit, with Lemon as our specialty. In recent years we have expanded our range of products with Melon Galia and Persimmon (Caqui). From all of them we obtain a complete range of products.>/p>

Citrus juices and concentrates have always been used in food, especially appreciated for their high vitamin C content. As a healthy and natural product, it is used in products such as natural fruit juice, soft drinks, concentrates, syrups, flavoured water, ice cream, yoghurt, etc. Concentrated Lemon Juice also serves to correct the acidity of other juices in a completely natural way.

The characteristic smell that remains on the hands when peeling a citrus fruit is due to the essential oils that are located just below the skin of the fruit, in the part called flavedo. Our oils retain all this smell and taste and can be used for both foodstuffs and cosmetics. Pulps and purees have a fine purée texture and are widely used in fruit preparations, and to give the juices a more natural impression.