Spain produces approximately 3.000.000 tons of oranges annually, mainly in Valencia and Andalucia.
The most popular varieties are: Navels, Navelate, Salustianas, Valencias y Valencia Lates. The harvesting season runs from December to June more or less.
Whereas the original purpose of cultivating oranges was for table use (in fresh) it is now not unusual to see orange fields exclusively grown for NFC juice production.
There is a small production of Bitter Oranges in Spain which has traditionally been used in Spain to decorate public places. The peel & pulp of these oranges is also used as marmelade ingredients.
The new orange crop (2009-10) is estimated at 2.530.000 tons (by Intercitrus), 17% less than crop 2008-09, which was larger than average, around 3.460.000 tons of fruit. Due to the high quality of the fruit, it is considered that the reduction will affect mostly by the processing industry.

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