When we peel a citrus fruit the smell on our hands clearly reflects what we have been touching. That is because the essential oil is situated just under the surface of the fruit in the part of the skin called the flavedo.

This deliciously smelling oil can be pressed out of the fruits skin, without any thermal treatment, to obtain coldpressed Lemon, Orange or Clementine Essential Oil, which is a 100% natural product. It is used as a flavour is many food products (candies, chewingum...) and in beverage compounds, as well as an fragrance in perfumes, cosmetics and other toiletries, and also directly in aromatherapy.

The coldpressed Spanish Lemon Oil reflects the yellow colour of the lemons, and the colour of the coldpressed Spanish Orange oil & Clementine oil is intensely orange, almost red, and all three are very aromatic.

Also widely used, especially when a colourless product is required, is the distilled Oil, which can be obtained in two ways, by distilling the skin, obtaining what we just call "Distilled Oil" or by recovering the oil in the process of concentrating the juice, know as "Oil phase Essence" or "Essence Oil".

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