We call mandarins all the different varieties of "Citrus Reticulatas", including: Clementinas, Clemenules, Clemenvillas, Fortunas, Marisoles & Satsumas. They belong to the same family as the American tangerines and the Italian mandarins.
85-90% of the Spanish mandarins are produced in the Valencian Community.The main production time is from November to March.
Clementines are the fastest growing citrus fruit in Spain, and is widely exported, as it is considered the perfect healthy snack, thanks to it's nutricional values, easy peeling, small size and good taste.
The 2008-09 mandarin (or clementine) crop has closed at 2.230.000 tons of fruit, and Intercitrus estimate the new crop (09-10) to be around 2.030.000 tons, 9% less than the previous one.

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