An average Spanish lemon crop is around 850-900.000 tons, making Spain one of the main lemon producers in the world.
75-80% of these are sold on the fresh fruit market, and the rest is processed (around 200-250 000 tons/per average season). Last crop 07/08 only 55 000 tons were processed due to a world wide shortage of fresh lemons which absorbed also the grade B or "processing fruit".
We start the season by processing the winter crop, or "limones Fino" from Oct/Nov to March, and then the summer crop or "limones Verna" continues from April to June/July. This allows us almost 10 months of continous supply of fruit.
The main lemon production area in Spain is undoubtedly the Region of Murcia where about 75-80% of the total is grown. Other lemon growing areas can be found in the province of Alicante (Valencian Community) and in some areas of Andalucia.

The AILIMPO has informed that he 2008-09 has closed with a production of 1.100.000 tons, of which 300.000 have been processed (more than usual). This partly compensates for the 2007-08 crop, when only 55.000 tons were processed in Spain due to a worldwide shortage of lemons, which made the higher paying fresh market absorb even the fruit with lower visual quality, which are usually processed.

The initial estimate for crop 2009-10 is of 800.000 tons.

For undated information regarding the crop please contact marketing@citromil.net, to obtain the password to the "Private Section".

Limón Fino
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