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The juice of the citrus fruits has been used in food and, even more so, in drinks for many decades, and adds healthiness to our diet.
Mostly famous for its vitamin C content, it is used as an ingredient in various products such as natural fruit juices, soft drinks, cordials, syrups, citrus flavoured water, ice creams, yogurts etc.
Lemon Juice Concentrate is also commonly used to ajust the acidity of other juices, in a completely natural way.
At Citromil we produce both Single Strength Juices (NFC-Not From Concentrate) and Juice Concentrates. The degree of concentration in citrus juices is commonly measured in ┬║Brix, which reflects the percentage of soluble solids in the product.
For Lemon Juice Concentrate it is equally common to express the concentration in GPL, Grams Per Litre, of natural Citric Acid,, especially when the product will be used to acidify.
Just squeezed natural Lemon Juice has approximately 7-8°Brix; orange and clementine juice 11-12°Bx. This allows you to calculate, more or less, how many times a juice has been concentrated, or how much reconstituted single strength juice you can obtain.

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